New Line: Fine Quartz

            With the new season, Acrytec is excited to announce debut a stunning new line of panels. The Fine Quartz line is the newest addition to our existing series of top of the line finishes. This line is colourful, protective, and adds a decorative flare to your paneling needs.

            The line is available in 8 beautiful colours. From red tinted Mahogany, to the eye popping Aqua Blue, this line is our most exciting addition yet. Our full colour availability includes rich shades of Aqua Blue, Dark Grey, Ivory, Light Grey, Mahogany, Raven, Rustic Red, and Terracotta. 

            Coming in a medium texture, this sandblast finish is embedded in 100% acrylic resin. It is available for both our insulated and regular panels to best accommodate your needs. The Fine Quartz line is in great company at Acrytec, as it joins our seven existing series of industry leading panel finishes.